Jena 6: Bell’s Sentencing Delayed

Mychal Bell’s sentencing on July 31 has been delayed until September 20. The reasons are not especially clear, although Bell has taken on new counsel provided pro bono by Louis Scott, a lawyer based in Monroe, La. This was taken as a relatively good sign by the families and their close allies. They now have time to build even more support for Bell.

There were plans for a rally and march on July 31 to coincide with Bell’s sentencing, and since so many national allies and supporters committed to coming into Jena (by planes, buses, etc.), the families decided to have an event anyway–starting at the courthouse and then retiring for a get-to-know-each-other afternoon lunch at the local ballpark, one of the only places where blacks can publicly congregate in Jena.

Originally, the rally and march in front of the courthouse was also intended to be a demonstration against a new-found city ordinance, which made the freedom of assembly illegal during trials or hearings. This infringement on first amendment rights is being taken up by legal advocates close to the situation.

Today, the US Department of Justice Community Relations Services is convening a forum in Jena to be a “peacemaker” as tensions rise in the town with the cases going to trial. Many families voted not to attend the event, which they believed was also being hosted by the FBI, because it seemed to smell of information gathering. Some families may end up attending, like one mother states in the Town Talk‘s article. Yet, everyone would rather see the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice get involved rather than the public relations branch.

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  1. […] repeated delays prior to his trial and conviction, Mychal Bell’s sentencing has now been delayed until September 20th. It is possible the sentencing was delayed because of the planned rally and march in Jena on July […]

  2. It is my hope that the judge will show mercy for Mychal Bell. These charges should never have been brought against these young men. Hopefully, the country will rally in their support and bring real justice.

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