Mychal Bell’s Upcoming Court Hearings

The latest out of Jena, Louisiana is that Mychal Bell, who was convicted of second-degree battery on thin and contradictory evidence but has new legal counsel, will have a bond reduction hearing on August 24. His bail currently stands at $90,000, which means he or his family must put up $9,000 to the court to ensure he shows up at his court dates. The Jena 6 Defense Committee has been accepting donations for legal defense, but I hope getting Bell out from behind bars is priority number one. He has already served 9 months since being charged in mid-December 2006.

A motion hearing will be held at LaSalle Parish Courthouse on September 4 to determine whether Bell’s case should have been under the jurisdiction of the juvenile courts when his charges were reduced from second-degree attempted murder to second-degree battery just before his trial. This would effectively void his conviction in adult court. Other motions, including change of venue and a direct appeal of the conviction based on inadequate defense counsel, are still pending.

All hearings will be held in District Judge J.P. Mauffray Jr.’s court, the same judge who presided over Bell’s trial.

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  1. […] latest on the Jena 6/Mychal Bell situation courtesy of Matt Olson – Mychal Bell’s Upcoming Court Hearings. Here’s a couple of snippets – go read it […]

  2. Thanks for your blog updates on this horrific situation. People can write letters of support to Mychal in jail. Here is info from an email I got from Color of Change:

    “You and more than 68,000 other ColorOfChange members have helped send a strong message that it’s time for the injustice being perpetrated in Jena to come to a halt. We know it’s going to be a long struggle, and we’re proud that ColorOfChange members will be in this fight until all 6 young men are free. We’ll be sending you information about more actions you can take over the next few weeks, but today, we wanted to let you know of a special way you can help.

    While five of the students have yet to go to trial, Mychal Bell has already been convicted and sits in prison awaiting sentencing. We talked a few days ago with a lawyer who has visited Mychal several times. He says that it would help Mychal to hear from those of us who support him.

    Can you take a moment to write Mychal a postcard or letter? It can be short. The key is simply that it’s hearfelt. You can send your cards and letters to:

    Mychal Bell
    Inmate, A-Dorm
    LaSalle Correctional Center
    15976 Highway 165
    Olla, LA 71465-4801

    A few moments of your time could really brighten this young man’s spirit. If you send a card or letter, please let us know by emailing

    Thank You and Peace,

    — James, Van, Clarissa, Gabriel, Mervyn and the rest of the team
    August 18th, 2007

  3. Thank you for sharing this information. I plan to share it with The AfroSpear and others.

    peace, Villager

  4. Did you know that Mychal Bell was denied bail yesterday (August 24)? The judge cited 4 prior criminal convictions as his reason, and felt he was a danger to the community. Let’s forget about everyone he has hurt, let’s only remember that he was pushed to the edge by a town of “all racist white people” and was FORCED to gang up with several of his friends and beat a guy while he was unconscious.

    People should be responsible for their own actions. If you do the crime, you do the time. Apparently, he has done the crime over and over again WITHOUT the time.

    I’m sure his neighbors will be happy to know he is not out in the public committing more violent acts.

  5. To From Jena:

    i heard about Mychal’s hearing.

    i never said jena was a town of all racist white people as you state with quotes. those quotes do not refer to my writing.

    i never said he was forced either, but unless i’m in that courtroom during Mychal’s trial I can’t tell you whether or not I would be convinced of his guilt on this particular charge. The Associated Press ran stories confirming that the DA’s witnesses told contradicting stories. Not about little details, but about something essential: Mychal’s role or even his presence at the fight.

    it was disappointing to hear that Mychal engaged in seemingly violent behavior toward other people, but prior history should only affect decisions on bond reduction hearings, not on his guilt or innocence for this particular charge.


  7. Yall all need to read the story again or better yet go to and watch it. You sitting up here talking about “i know his neighbors will be glad he’s off the street”. SHUT UP. No why was it ok when a man approached the children with a gun and when they took it form him it was ROBBERY not SELFDEFENSE. Hell the man had a gun poiting it at them! And why was it ok for the white studnets to beat up the black students but when they turn the tables and get revenge its a problem. The white students should be charged with the same thing as Mychal Bell and not only that when the white boy went to the hospital he was released within a couple of hours and then went to some kind party or meeting. What the hell. Mychal baby just keep your head up.

  8. hi TIFFANY,

    The courthouse is just off of Route 84 on first street. Route 84 goes through the heart of Jena’s downtown.
    The rally is set for approximately 8am.

    see you there, peace.

  9. What the hell, this is not 1948 this is 2007. Leave this young black man alone. Use all this court money to help capture these old white men who are child molesters.

  10. God is a good god, and I want Mychal Bell and all the others involved in this situation to know that you have a overwhelming amount of support. Real love is here. Keep your faith and believe and god will get you through. You are not alone…..

  11. I Don’t believe this situation is right. It’s like it’s a racist situation that’s going on. It’s 2007 and it’s still going on this isn’t the 1940’s and people should learn that we should just all get along cause everyone in the world is equal.

  12. Mychal, keep your head up and things will work, you have the entire nation looking at this case now. What happens now in Jena the world will know..I live in Baltimore, Maryland and I will definitely keep you in my prayers..

  13. I dont even know this person or his family, but my heart goes out to him. Since I heard this just about 3 weeks ago I followed it everyday. No good will come out of this for the people who are involved of any wrong doing. When this judge, the DA and the adminstrators at the school answers to God they will need the pray!

  14. This Case is definately overwhelming and it is situations like this that need to go down in history. Mychal you have the support of one and a thousand people and God willing you will get a fair trial. God Bless your brave soul.

  15. God has control of all things, It is time for us as African-Americans to take a stand!!! To let the world know that we will no longer allow our black young men to be tormented because of the dominant’s culture of hatred toward us. I am a mother of a black high school
    football player and my son has experienced racism on and off of the football field. It is my prayer that all
    mothers take a stand so that we will not have any more Jena 6.

  16. Mychal,
    You are a brave young man, you and your six comrades. Remember that the eyes of the world are on you. You are standing on the shoulders of many who have come before you. I know son that you have been through a lot, God help you, but make sure you handle all of this with dignity and responsibility. You are evidently a leader but with leadership comes responsibility. Let your inner spirit and mental strength equal your outer strength. Many who are ignorant and racist are expecting the worst from you. Remember that you represent young Black men all over the world who have been mistreated, humiliated and misjudged. Read Proverbs, chapter 1. Many stand with you and beneath you. May God Bless and keep you my brother.

  17. My Heart and prayers go oout to the Bell Family this is really some crazness to still have this type of stuff going on the meony and all the time to be put into the people who are going around raping and killing children and putting moeny money into education program.

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