Jena 6: Judge denies Mychal Bell’s motions for acquittal and new trial

Not surprisingly, La Salle Parish Judge J.P. Mauffrey Jr. denied several motions put forward by Mychal Bell’s lawyers in the parish courthouse yesterday. Mauffrey did remand the conspiracy charge to juvenile court but did not acquit Bell of the charge despite a lack of evidence. Further, the judge upheld adult court jurisdiction over Bell’s second-degree battery conviction. Mychal Bell’s sentencing is set for September 20 where the maximum sentence is now 15 years instead of 22.5.

Bell’s lawyers will be appealing the denied motions in the 3rd District Court of Appeals, hoping to receive a positive judgment before September 20. The lawyers admit there are still lots of “hoops” to jump through and that the nuances involved in this case will be “unchartered territory” for Louisiana law.

Bob Noel, one of Bell’s lawyers, called the trial and conviction in adult court as District Attorney Reed Walters’ “bait-and-switch,” wherein he charged the teen with attempted murder to get the case in adult court and then reduced the charge right before the trial–a charge that would have been handled in juvenile court.

Carwin Jones and Theo Shaw saw their charges reduced from second-degree attempted murder to second-degree battery earlier in the day. Jones trial has been set for January 28 at 9am. Shaw’s has not been set. The other three youth are still charged with attempted murder at this time.

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  1. If we complain about prejudice and not following the laws, then we should applaud the judge and her actions. He did violate terms of probation, and this “political correctness” is becoming disgusting. So, if you want fairness and the law to be followed, it needs to be followed in all situations. My hat is off to her for not bowing to the pressure, and doing what is correct under the law.

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