The World’s Eyes on New Orleans…again: Eve of the SPP

“I live in New Orleans, I don’t have time for anything else.”

This phrase written–with no explanations or clarifying context–in my notebook. Maybe I was thinking it, maybe someone else said it, but either way it struck a chord that I am still feeling two weeks later. Not that I don’t read and listen to events in other parts of the earth. News of people’s struggles is my lifeblood, inspiration for all the work that I do and no doubt connected in our global struggle against imperialism and corporate capitalism and for direct democracy and the healthiness of the earth, land on which we live and eat and breath. (I reflect now on Zimbabwe’s three week delayed election results, on the recent events in Tibet, on the almost surreal parade of the Olympic torch, and the sensory-numbing consistency in the attrition of life, health and history in Iraq and Palestine that might drive us all to irrational means of survival if faced with starvation and silence.)

Peace be on every just being tonight. And let nightmares fall on President Bush, President Calderon and Prime Minister Harper on their way to New Orleans for a behind closed doors meeting to spread complete US hegemony to two nations already blackmailed into NAFTA and other agreements that have the force of law. The summit meeting of the “Security and Prosperity Partnership” is executive branch only.

If any enforceable decisions come out of this bypassing, or coup, of the republic/democratic (small d) tradition than it would be a strong and clear move toward fascism. A president is meant to be a nation’s head of government, an inspiring voice of strength and reality in difficult times, its leading diplomat to the world and in touch with its peoples concerns that it can assist, with the initiative of representatives, in translating into law.

The foundation of law in this country has a long and ambivalent history of maintaining slavery while hypocritically alleging free speech, free assembly, free choice of religion in the first amendment in the constitution.

It seems just at a time when citizens continue to hold this country to those ideals and they’re starting to gain traction, its leaders have partially abandoned that foundation, that process of representation and checks and balances (the judiciary hardly even tries to check the executive branch right now). Democrats, of course, are against the SPP (though you would hardly know it with their silence) because Bush is a Republican and Republicans carry on as if these summits are business as usual–indeed a cause for profit-sharing celebration–rather than an affront to democratic and republican principles of governance.

Here, in an ode to Vermont’s lively successionist movement, I say: break your allegiance with the state. when it becomes foe to the least capable of us spirited and honest folks, when it refuses to acknowledge discrimination and the human rights to shelter, food and health, then we know its function is outdated and must be replaced within our own communities by building relationships and unified, but autonomous organizing that will continue to heal, re-energize and spread the love and support of an across-educated (across cultures, classes, borders), liberated and participatory society.

through experience, and the sharing and listening of all our stories and histories and knowledge bound up together, with an endless commitment to each other as human beings we will grow to sustain, support and check each other’s survival, needs, wants, desires and visions for maintaining our unique thread in an intricate tapestry of justice.

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  1. “break your allegiance with the state. . .but autonomous organizing that will continue to heal, re-energize and spread the love and support of an across-educated (across cultures, classes, borders), liberated and participatory society.”

    Hell yeah.

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