Nobody for President, Everyone for Liberation: at the Democratic National Convention – Denver

Flags. Banners. Suit-wearing delegates from fifty states. 15,000 media people (not sure I count). Mountains all around and yet 90 degrees.

I am here in Denver for the Democratic National Convention. Let’s hope that I am not here at any point during the week. Though if they would let me in with a camera…

I was also told by a close source that Denver City Council quickly passed an ordinance in the past two weeks making it illegal to carry any type of human or animal waste, whether it be piss or shit or manure or in any type of bottle or vat, since they got wind of one group’s brilliant idea to chuck said waste at delegates and/or representatives in an affable “you’re full of shit” communique.

I’ll be taking photos all week and will post the best here and more elsewhere. I’ll also be contributing to the independent media scene in Denver by posting to Colorado’s Independent Media Center. But look for a daily wrap-up/unwind.

For DNC events check: (music, free university, nonviolence trainings…) (Denver’s “alternative” weekly, kind of like Gambit in New Orleans)

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La. Gov. Jindal Allowing Sexual Orientation Anti-Discrimination Order to Expire

In the latest backward-moving and anti-civil rights move for Louisiana, Governor Bobby Jindal will allow an executive order (signed by previous Gov. Blanco in 2004) to make it illegal to discriminate against someone based on their sexual orientation, in any government services or contracted out services. 

“We are firmly and strongly committed to fair treatment of all of our people and certainly don’t condone discrimination in any form,” Jindal said, forgetting that not condoning a practice is not equivalent to making it have the force of law.

 Though he claims it is a “special right” and covered in pre-existing state and federal law, it is clearly not covered in other anti-discrimination legislation, say experts on this issue from the national Human Rights Watch and Forum for Equality, a New Orleans-based Political Action Committee advocating for lesbian and gay rights in Louisiana.

 As put by Randy Evans, a New Orleans lawyer who is also co-political director with Forum for Equality, the decision means “it is perfectly legal to fire anyone based on their sexual orientation even if they are a perfect employee.”

For more information, read the Baton Rouge Advocate article.

Also, the opinion of a Human Rights Watch expert.

Freedom to work and freedom from persecution for all!

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